Monica Colon

July 2007   Invited to Posh Society Casting and became Posh Model.
September 2007   Stitch It Promo with Posh Society
October 2007   Salsa Congress Promo with Posh Society
November 2007   Portfolio Work Posh Society
December 2007   Posh Society Shoot
January 2008   ”Hollywood Experience”  @ Tabu UltraLounge 2008  (runway)

March 2008   "Flashing Lights"  @Galleria Marchetti    (runway)
April 2008  Carol's Daughter Promo with Posh Society
June 2008  "Electrofashion 2008"  @ Sonotheque  (runway)
July 2008   Remy Martin Model
October 2008   "Thr3ee Boutique & Chii Clothing"  @ Buzz  (runway)
January 2009  "80's Baby Vintage" @ Krem  (runway)


Photographer: Karl Ray @ Da Mirage Christmas Event
Photographer: Izy for Posh Society “Posh in the City” 2008 Promo
Photographer: Izy Head shots
Photographer: Mark for ”Cover Chicago” Magazine Print 2008 (evening wear)
Photographer: Igor for Kashogi Model Call for North American Top Model
Photographer: Ruki TFCD
Photographer: Izy “Elegance Makeup” Promo
Photographer: Izy “2008 Auto Show” Promo
Photographer: Dean Wilson “Shoot in the Snow”
Photographer: LaMya Holley “Bikes & Boards” TresBelle Vintage
Photographer: Darrelle Lewis Website Shoot ""
Photographer: Chris Johnson #429075 Portfolio Work
Photographer: Jeremias Inc. #444331 Theater Shoot
Photographer: Michael Rothman  #575 Portfolio Work
Photographer: Terrence Blount  #61847 Imani LaShai Stylez Work
Photographer: Christian Alexander #377546 Luxus Limo Shoot
Photographer: Benjie Urbina  #627833  Luxus Limo Shoot
Photographer: The B Group  #28091  "Lake Front"
Photographer: Divine Expressions  #659891 "True Love"
Photographer: Chris Johnson #429075 "HIN Car Model"
Photographer: RovingEyePhoto  #288248 "Downtown Chicago"
Photographer: RovingEyePhoto  #288248 "Chicago Lake front"
Photographer: Sandra Mesrine  #562068  "Mother & Daughter"
Photographer: Jenny Swanson  #475515  "x-mas Family Shoot"
Photographer: Oova Photography #307977 " styled by La Boheme Fashionista #811109"
Photographer: Bugari Photo  "Chicago Park shoot"
Photographer:  RovingEyePhoto #288248 "house shoot"
Photographer: Femi Photography  "Meekis Clothing"
Photographer: Bugari Photo  "school project"
Photographer: Femi Photography "No More Bush"

Other Modeling

Music Video Model  "Ron Carroll - Bump to Dis" 01/14/2009

Siren Salon 01/2008 Cut
Vidal Sassoon 02/2008 Style
Vidal Sassoon 02/2008 Style
Siren Salon 03/2008 Cut
Vidal Sassoon 04/16/2008 Style
Nick Arrojo Model @ Studio 9/8/2008 Cut
Color Freedom Model @ Studio Chicago 9/23/08 Color

Lady Bugg Nails 05/29/08 Nail Model
Lady Bugg Nails 06/28/08 Nail Model

Hair Model  Instruction Video  07/10/08
Styles Down the Aisle by Lati


Check me out on you tube. My first time being recorded.



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